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We Welcome you to Bohemia Market, a cutting-edge marketplace designed to take a more modern approach of the traditional darkweb market. Boasting a wide variety of both user's merchant features, Bohemia Market currently accepts both BTC Bitcoin and XMR Monero using a safe escrow system. It's security features alongside beautiful user-interface make it a one-of-a-kind market. A few of the many features listed are:

  • Sleek, user friendly interface.
  • Fully flexible cart system.
  • Feature-rich buyer/merchant dashboard.
  • Escrow (BTC/XMR), 2/3 Multi-Sig, Wallet-less Payments
  • PGP encryption option is everywhere available on the marketplace, either through Bohemia Market or by yourself.
  • You can access Bohemia Market URL over Tor (Onion Network), I2P and a safe clearnet mirror address.
  • 50,000+ listings, 100,000+ reviews, thousands of merchants.

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About Bohemia Market Links & URL

Attention! Our current and ONLY official clearnet website for platform access of the Bohemia Market URL And Bohemia Market link portal is
If one mirror is down for whatever reason (due to maintenance or ddos attack), try the next on the list. If none are working, please refresh this portal and try the market URL again. We will quickly update with new links as needed. We aim for 99% uptime to ensure the best possible service for buyers and vendors alike.

Bohemia Market Uses Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR)

Bohemia Market is a darkweb market that operates on the dark web and allows users to purchase a wide range of products and services anonymously. One of the key features that make Bohemia Market stand out is the use of the privacy-first Monero cryptocurrency as the primary means of payment on the platform. Monero has gained popularity among darkweb onion users because it provides a high degree of privacy and anonymity, making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to follow transactions flows to and from markets and its mirrors.

The majority of existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC), have transparent blockchains. Transactions can be verified and/or traced by anyone in the world. This means that the sending and receiving addresses of these transactions could potentially be linked to real-world identities. Monero, on the other hand, uses various technologies to ensure the privacy of its users.

Alternatively you can also use Bitcoin on Bohemia Market URL but we greatly discourage this since it offers no privacy compared to monero.
All users of Bohemia Market should use Monero when making purchases because it provides multiple extra layers of protection against law enforcement and other bad actors. Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with transparent blockchains can reveal the transaction details, including the amount, sender, and receiver, which could potentially lead to the identification and arrest of the buyers and sellers. Monero, on the other hand, makes it almost impossible to trace the transactions, providing a much higher degree of privacy.